Flipkat’s video streaming service roll out in Android app

 August 18, 2019

By  Vikash Choudhary

Walmart's company Flipkart has started rolling out its video streaming service. This service can be seen on Flipkart's latest Android app. Flipkart has launched this service as a competitor of Amazon's Prime video service.

Flipkart says that it will support multi-languages so that every person in India can use it. in this service movies, shows, web series, etc will be provided.Videos of Voot, Arre, TVF will also be available on this Flipkart service.

Flipkart says that its userbase is currently 15 crores and after this service, their userbase will reach 35 crores with 20 crores new users.

After this service, the selling of the product on Flipkart will also increase.
At present, this service is available only to some Android users, but gradually it will reach all the users.

Flipkart videos service

‚Äčamazon charges Rs 999 annually for this service as well as fast delivery service. It also has a monthly plan of Rs 129. Flipkart had announced this a few days ago and also said that it will be completely free service.
Some renders have shown that Flipkart will not charge any amount for this service. This service will be AdSense based. In this, users can see ads in videos.

To see this service, you have to download the latest Android version 6.17 of Flipkart from Google Play Store.

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