Jio becomes India’s largest telecom company with 331 million users

 July 29, 2019

By  Vikash Choudhary

3 years ago Reliance Jio stepped into the Indian Telecom Industry. Jio started its services from September 2016. At that time Bharti Airtel and Vodafone used to be at the top.

Only after the arrival of jio, users have found the right idea of internet prices. Previously other networks were charging arbitrary money on the internet.Now after three years, reliance jio has become the largest telecom company in India.


According to the financial report by the reliance industry, jio has become 331.3 subscribers.In May 2019, jio had left Bharti Airtel behind and became India's second-largest telecom company. At that time, there were 322.9 million subscribers of Jio, and only 320.39 subscribers of Airtel remained.

Now Jio left behind Vodafone-Idea with 331.3 million customers and came in the first place. The same Vodafone Idea has 320 million users.
When Vodafone and Idea merged, they had 400 million subscribers and with this, they became India's top telecom company.

According to the economictimes, subscribers of Vodafone IDEA fell 334.1 million to 320 million in the first quarter of 2019-20.


Image credit: Santhosh Varghese / shutterstock

jio added their users at very fast speed through very cheap data plans.
The first 100 million users of jio were added in about 170 days.
At that time, jio was providing data at Rs 22 per GB.

As soon as the user base increased, jio made its plans even cheaper and now Jio is providing the cheapest data plan in the world at the rate of Rs 3.17 per GB.

jiophone 2

Image credit: jio.com

jio is offering free voice calls, jio tv, jio cinema, jio news and jio saavn apps in free with cheap data, which is helping to increase its user base.

In 2017, jio launched its first smart feature phone "jiophone", which supports apps such as Maps, Twitter, and then launches jio phone 2 which supports popular apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, which has been successful in India. Through these phones, jio added 50 million subscribers.

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