Jio fiber plans with free TV and 1Gbps speed announced

 August 13, 2019

By  Vikash Choudhary

Reliance Industries Limited has announced the launch of Jio fiber service at its 42nd Annual General Meeting AGM. Reliance will officially launch this fiber service on its third anniversary. Jio says that the speed of this fiber will be the fastest up to 1Gbps in the country.

1. Plan and Price

jio fiber

This speed of this Jio fiber is the cheapest service available in the world. Jio says that its global rates will be 1/10th. Jio also shared the monthly plan of Jio fiber. Its monthly price starts from Rs 700 and goes up to Rs 10,000.

2. Average Speed of Jio fiber

Jio fiber

The average speed of Jio fiber is 90Mbps. Jio has announced its speed plans ranging from 100Mbps to 1Gbps. Jio says that Jio fiber has been tested in 5 lakh homes before launch.After paying for 1 service users will get all services related to Jio fiber like video calling, landline phone, smart device connectivity, movies, home security for free.

3. Jio fiber services

Jio said that such a set-top box will be given by Jio through this we can be able to see channels with the help of the internet. This will be a smart setup box that will also work on voice command. With its help, users will be able to enjoy video calling easily on TV. Also, with its help, you will be able to enjoy high-quality games very smoothly.

4. First day first show service

Jio also announced his new service "first day first show " service. In this people will be able to watch a movie comfortably at home on the same day as a new movie release. There is no need to go to the theater now. Now it will be necessary to see how Jio handles the problems related to piracy in it. This service will start at mid-2020. The detailed information of this service has not come.

jio fiber

5. Jio fiber welcome offer

Jio says that if the user takes an annual subscription of Jio fiber then he will be given a 4K set-top box with free 4K/HD television. But the minimum amount required to be paid for this has not been revile.

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