The reason behind Apple’s designer’s resignation

 June 28, 2019

By  Editorial Team

When we think about Apple's products, first of all, its design comes in mind. Behind the design of Apple's products was his product design manager Jonathan "Jony" Ive's hard work.

This is the shocking news for Apple's fans that Apple recently told about Jonathan Ive's resignation. Ive now leave Apple and start its own company "LoveForm" in 2020.

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He said that working with Apple was the Best Experience and his first customer in "loveform" would be Apple. This means that Ive will continue to work with Apple in the future.

Ive joined Apple in 1992. After that Apple overtook everyone in terms of design. He worked with Apple for almost 30 years as a Product design manager.

In a press conference, Tim Cook said that after working for so long with Ive, the company will continue work with Ive's "loveform" in the future.

Now we will be able to see new products with the new designs from Apple. Joe's work has come to be seen in the world when he designed the first colorful iMac.

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He worked with Apple's best products lineup, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch and the Macs.
He also played an important role in Apple's operating system ios 7's design.
Apple has not set anyone up as the Product design manager.

We will see what changes come after that and who will be the next Product design manager of apple.

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